Game On – 1/16/19

Six deep – This past Saturday after hockey, besides Daryl and Peanut, I had 4 more kids out the house. All of who planned to stay for the duration of the snow storm, which included Monday as schools were closed. They had three game systems so they spent most of the time glued to controllers, that is when they weren’t eating. The biggest sellers were a variety of omelets. They did take a couple of breaks to help me shovel out and to go bike riding as most of the snow was off the streets which brought their cabin fever under control.

Peanut’s house – One of the kids staying over for the snow storm was Peanut’s 9-year-old brother, Fat Fat. He often stays at the house when his mother is working and there is no one home to watch him. His mom called on Monday to ask where he was. “I’m at Peanut’s house” was his reply. Looks like Peanut is no longer staying at my house, but at his new home. Ah, stability.

Game on – Another good turnout at hockey on Saturday, and fortunately we didn’t have ice time on Sunday which would have been a challenge with the snow. We have our first real game scheduled for Sunday, January 27 at the Patterson Park ice rink at 11:00. We are playing the Metro Maple Leafs. Here’s a little background. A news item appeared recently about a member of this team, Divyne Apollon, a black kid, who was racially taunted by opponents during a tournament (…/3148f5a2-0f49-11e9-84fc-d5…). Coach Mark was able to get in touch with their director who was excited about playing a game at our home ice. Everyone is invited to come watch a pretty cool game, their all white team with one black guy with their “No Racism” sticker versus our all black team with 3 white guys with maybe stickers of our own.

Dee – He was one of the kids that stayed the weekend. He had basketball practice Saturday morning and missed hockey. He was headed to Ray’s house, but Ray was already in the van heading out to my house. Dee called before we got too far so we made a U-turn and pick him up just as he got to Rays house. He settled right in and seemed very appreciative of being invited over. Nice kid with potential. I suggested he called his mom to let her know he was also staying Sunday night, but I’m not sure he did. I’m don’t have any info on his home situation, but he sure enjoys not being there.

One-on-one – I don’t know what was going on at Peanut’s school of Friday, but he was the only student in his Biology class. Instead of not bothering and giving Peanut busy work, the teacher sat down with Peanut for the entire class and they went over things he needed to know together. Peanut liked it, as she made sure he actually understood things rather than just going through material. He really appreciated her willingness to teach just one student. Peanut likes learning new things, but needs to be engaged. He loses his focus when the teacher lets the class get out of hand. Often the pace of instruction is too slow for him and he gets board. Now Biology, along with Geometry, are his favorite subjects. Geometry really surprised me as every time I would do a math question in the van he refused to even give it a try “I don’t do math”. A couple of time I’ve explained several different ways I do math in my head. He liked the idea that different people’s brains work differently and at least one of the ways made sense to him. I’ve been working with him when the other guys aren’t around and always relating math to real life things going on. That seems to work wonders. I’ve even converted real life problems into algebraic formulas, but algebra still seems pretty useless to him.

Hit and run – While Peanut had a good day Friday, Monday was a downer. When I went to visit Sean in jail, Peanut rode his bike down to his mother’s house. Well, almost to his mother’s house. An old pickup truck ran into his back wheel bending it and knocking him off the bike. The guy backed up and then drove off. Peanut said from the look of the pickup the guy probably didn’t have insurance. Peanut wasn’t seriously hurt, but his bike is in bad shape. It was an aluminum Diamondback that Performance Bike had given me for the kids, and Peanut had just finished getting it fixed up and working great.

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